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Fairfax Bathroom Trends: Linear Shower Drains, Barrier Free


Linear Drains

linear shower drain

A great new trend in bathroom shower design is a linear drain. A standard drain requires the shower floor to be sloped in all directions towards the drain with a maximum tile size of three inches. In contrast a linear train is placed along the entire edge of the shower. This eliminates the need to slope to floor in what is essentially a bowl shaped floor, therefore allowing larger tile sizes with a single smooth slope.

This is a big plus for open shower design as well as for ADA Barrier Free showers. With a drain placement at the entry point a barrier free shower can be created without the need to create a wet room ( making the entire shower ) 

Right now there are several manufactures selling linear drains: proline, nobel and kerdi to name a few. Installation is either prefabricated base or concrete sloped floor in combination with fabric waterproof membrane. With the technology so new there’s a fair amount of sticker shock I’ve noted with customers looking into remodeling with a linear drain. Expect to pay $1,000-$1,500 more than a traditional shower based.  That is definitely less expensive when considering new designed options or creating wet room for a barrier free shower option.

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