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Bathroom remodeling Ideas :convert your bathtub to a shower



tub shower conversion

The truth is the standard five foot bathtub get very little use as a tub. Because of this, many customer are opting to convert there standard bathtub into a stand up shower and there are great comfort and benefits for doing so.

Now if you only have one bathtub in the home, your best bet is to keep it, its a desirable feature for the resale of the home, or if you have pets or small children. But if the home has at least one bathtub here are some conversion options to consider.

1. Straight forward: replace your tub with a shower pan
2. Custom shower: benches & storage
3. Add spa touches

Straight forward: new conversion shower pan

A standard shower pan drains in the center of the shower, a bathtub drains either on the right or left. But they make conversion shower pans that contain a left or right drain. These pans are slopped differently and eliminate the need to move the rough plumbing that is currently installed. This is the least cost option and is often cheaper than replacing a tub. If you choose this option its also a good idea to plan on added a glass shower door, this will make the bathroom seem larger , help retain the heat, and if you choose a bypass door, will add a towel bar.

Custom shower: benches & storage

The second option is to convert a bathtub to a shower and a bench. The bench can either be the full width like this customer photo or a four plus one configuration ( four foot shower one foot bench )  

shower bench

The four plus one typically cost more because it requires a custom shower door.

Another reason to convert a bathtub is to get ride of the tub ledge as a shelf. Replacing it with tall shower niches large enough for two three shampoo bottles, a soap shelf out of the water spray and a towel bar.

Add Spa touches 

Now that you have decided to convert your standard bathtub to a shower, adding a few spa amenities to really take the showering experince to the next level.

1. Add an eight inche rain shower head mounted on the ceiling in the center of the shower. This can be the only shower head in the shower or it can be in addition with the installation of a diverter valve.

2. Add a series of body sprays. Here there are numerous options: delta has standard shower valves that contain two body jets, or go with a total custom installation of three to six body jets.




This is not only a great way to see a large variety of different bathroom designs, but also to see how they are furnished. The way a bathroom is furnished is very important and it can make or break a great bathroom design. 
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Posted @ Tuesday, July 26, 2011 7:57 AM by home renovations toronto
Converting your bathtub into a shower is an affordable home remodeling project that can make a big impact in the appearance of your bathroom but When you convert tub to shower, you will also need to consider the cost of implementing your design ideas.
Posted @ Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:32 AM by Toronto Kitchen Renovations
Your guide really worked and i am really surprised to see the results. Thanks for such a handy postings for remodeling. Source @ Liquid Roof
Posted @ Thursday, July 24, 2014 1:30 AM by Adam
Your idea of converting bathtub to shower is awesome but also those having more space at their bathroom to put a bathtub should consider setting that. Shower could be placed nicely and can give us mor flexibility inside of the bathroom.
Posted @ Tuesday, December 16, 2014 12:44 PM by garry L. Nicolson
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